At Five Guys, our crew members are at the heart of who we are. Through their commitment to our time-tested best practices, our top-performing crews represent the pursuit of perfection we undertook when we first opened in 1986. To celebrate their passion, we’re kicking of the Pursuit of Perfection Tour, traveling across North America to stop by our top stores and recognize these crews for everything they do. 
Stay tuned as we post videos, images and other highlights from our store visits as we make our way from coast to coast. 

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Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee, 1920-30
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Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro on the set of Taxi Driver (1976). Photographed by Steve Schapiro.
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BACK IN THE DAY |7/14/98| Noreaga released his debut album, N.O.R.E, on Def Jam Records
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